Examples of our Commitments

Year Project
2012-2013 International Service-Learning: Land and Resource Management for Sustainable Development in Rural Area(LSGI 2S01)
2011-2012 Indonesia Service Learning Project
2010~2011 Gui with us
2009~2010 "Lian" Us Together-連理在一起
2008~2009 Reaching out to Social and Community Needs by Geomatics-測繪資訊助慧靈
2007~2008 Survey Involvement for Bridge Construction in Mainland China-黃土地上齊建橋
2006~2007 Mapping Service for Running Races and Dragon Boat Races- 競賽中測繪應用
2005~2006 Relocation of Stones-@土地測量=>遺石再現, First attempt to apply survey technique-Dragon Boat Race